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Kindergarten / 1st Grade

Understand the importance of following directions for schematics and prototypes. Work on Fine Motor Skills.

2nd / 3rd Grade

What are the rules that govern our universe? Learn through the Toys of Science. Improve & use advanced schematics and fine motor skills.

4th/5th Grade

ICA… ICA… Come in ICA, this is Houston. Over. We are all about NASA, the universe, Isaac Newton, & the world of curiosity.

6th to 8th Grade

It’s about ELITE Science. In a nut shell: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Holography, Laser Design, Artistic Communication, Movie Making… Check out the Class / Agenda pages.

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Doc’s Thank You!

I would like to Thank some of our special STEM Sponsors & Our Parents. (list with us, we need supplies). Especially….

PS: We run a little behind thanking our sponsors. Small hands don’t type as fast but we are always grateful.

Our Need ...Our thanks to...ProjectFulfilled
CDs or DVDsMrs. Keeler & Mr. Roberts2nd & 3rd
Used (but cleaned) Sports Bottle TopsParents and Mr. Boyer Filled in all the GAPS.2nd & 3rd (every student)
Old Wireless Router(s)Mr & Mrs Groucutt,
The Cavas (thx, thx, thx),
The Forkins, The Weidners
Cloud Computing
A good video for Hologram Prototype 3.Mrs. Serpico & fireworksrus.comHologram
StyrafoamThe Forkins5th Grade
Clear Plexiglass light cover 24 x 36The Forkins
We need another round when they decide the total final size.
Any old Android phones with WiFi / CameraICA AI
2-Sided TapeICA (thx Mrs. Petras)All Groups / Projects
Larger SATA HardDrivesThe ForkinsCloud Computing
Older working Cordless Drill motors (3)Mr. Petras / ICA (thx Mr. Wiedner)5th Grade Rover
Industrial Hot Glue GunThe Forkins4th & 5th
Arduino Bridges (2)5th Grade Rover
Dry Erase Markers (any Color)All Groups
2 8inch Tires, 2 12 inch tires (Harbor Freight has them)5th Grade
Cat CablesFound boxes in ICA basementAll 6 - 8


The classy employees of  FinTech & Ayudatek for their unwavering support of STEM & ICA …  who are way too often overlooked here. Thanks for the loan of the Cloud Server, your great signage, dealing with MS license issues, this site, the url, the loan of your CEO & so much more you do for us.