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Kindergarten / 1st Grade

Understand the importance of following directions for schematics and prototypes. Work on Fine Motor Skills.

2nd / 3rd Grade

What are the rules that govern our universe? Learn through the Toys of Science. Improve & use advanced schematics and fine motor skills.

4th/5th Grade

ICA… ICA… Come in ICA, this is Houston. Over. We are all about NASA, the universe, Isaac Newton, & the world of curiosity.

6th to 8th Grade

It’s about ELITE Science. In a nut shell: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Holography, Laser Design, Artistic Communication, Movie Making… Check out the Class / Agenda pages.

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School Year… It’s a wrap

Thanks so much for a good year of science, technology, engineering and math.

Summer STEM Camp

State of the Art Video Game Programming. Limited seating. Contact ICA School directly to register.