NASA – This is ICA Calling

On February 28th, 2019 the 4th grade had a visual conference call with NASA personnel. They got a sneak peak at some really cool stuff. Later they spoke with a retired astronaut — who the kids quickly invited to ICA. I’ll see what I can do for them, if we complete our builds. I cannot make any promises.

For clarification, the kids could see on the TV monitor the personnel and speak to them but personnel could not see the kids. We are not setup that way.

The 4th grade learned I did not do such a good job on my prototype and that the Colonel was not too happy with my square wheels. He then personally invited ICA 4th & 5th grade to fix my problems.

Later that day 5th grade opened a letter with instructions on the build of the rovers. Our friends at Langley also sent along some really cool NASA insider stuff. I have been giving it out slowly to the grades as they work hard on their builds.

I was too late for any of NASA’s programs for the year. Sorry. So some special friends have pitched in for me just for your ICA’s children. I don’t have the whole conference call recorded but here is a quick clip. It was my first day on the volunteer & I did not realize how big a deal this was, so I did not have any recordings running.